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Rescue or Reactivation of Deceased or Dropped Numbers

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Things happen and numbers get disconnected.  Just because you owned a phone number, doesn't mean that you don't have to maintain it.  Sometimes even if you do keep it active, phone companies make mistakes and go out of business or merge, and things happen. 

If a number has been disconnected we sometimes can help reactivate deceased numbers.  This is NOT always possible but we won't charge you if we can't get it for you.  It's a one time fee and you'll get new proof of ownership, temporary service and can then transfer it to any phone company you want, the same as with any regular activation.


(Attention Opex and TCI customers:  Due to failure on the part of Opex (aka TCI), they lost a lot of numbers  that we previously got for customers.  They don't want to admit it and are blaming us.  This was ultimately the fault of Opex which is almost out of business.  We contacted our past customers that were affected by this on 12/17/18.  Many of their numbers have been disconnected since December 2018.  They not only blamed us but they continued to bill you for monthly fees for numbers they knew they were no longer providing service on and unless you contact them or stop paying the bills they will probably continue billing you for them indefinitely since the entire company has been closed down and their billing and customer service is basically on auto pilot and out sourced internationally.  We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and will try to reactivate any #s for past customers if necessary, but we are NOT responsible for or connected to Opex or TCI or their lose of your #s)