Get a better TF# you can use with ANY phone company and OWN it with no strings! LOOK AWESOME.

True 800

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True "8-0-0" numbers aren't available in the spare pool or from any regular phone companies.  But we can still get some "TRUE 800" numbers.  They give you the credibility of an "800", and they're immediately available and inexpensive.  

  • Just enter your "RING TO NUMBER" or just whatever LOCAL number you want the calls to be sent to.
  • You own the number and can transfer to any phone company you want for the ongoing use.
  • You'll get better proof of ownership and it'll be up and working the next business day if ordered before 3pm.
  • You get free temporary service for the first 30 days or 100 minutes (nobody else anywhere gives this to you because they're all trying to SELL you the service and have an incentive to keep you there!)