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Bulk Vanity Lists

Bulk Vanity Lists

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This is for finding a vanity numbers in a list of 10 digit numbers.

We show what individual numbers spell in our Lookup Tool for free.  Small lists can also be checked on but larger lists of 200+ to 64,000 numbers, are offered to partners and friends of, and must be emailed to

Our Big Data analysis will find more full vanity numbers than anyone else anywhere.  We will find full vanities (not partial or mixed vanities like 321-WORD), for 5% of the 8 million numbers, and just as importantly, it will RANK them by value, making it infinitely easier evaluate them and highlight all of the most valuable ones.

This service is invaluable and totally unique in the industry.  Nobody else would ever share this invaluable data with people they see as competitors.  We offer this to partners and friends of because our goal is to help the whole industry.  It would take weeks or months of effort, not to mention the immense data and knowledge of the industry, to even begin to do this yourself.  

We only charge a nominal fee to insure that everyone values the time and effort that's gone into this.  It's not an automated process so that it can't be abused.